The labor market is in a sticky spot right now, but you’ve been applying to jobs and sending out your resume, interviewing around and are eager to make a new career move. Lucky you, you got an offer! Even luckier – you got two. Here’s the best tips on how to move forward, navigating multiple job offers like a pro:

Get the facts, and get the offer in writing

While a verbal offer is exciting and there’s no better feeling than to hear it over the phone, it’s best to get it in writing. While verbal offers are great, they don’t have negotiation power and they leave room for confusion. It’s easiest to evaluate all of your options when you have it laid out in front of you, rather than trying to rack your brain to remember what was said. If you want to ask your interviewer for written documentation without indicating that you’ve got multiple offers, try saying “Thanks so much, that all sounds great. I’d love to sit down and review the details. When should I expect to receive the written offer?”

Once you have everything written down, it’s time to start comparing. What is it that you value the most? While your first instinct might be to say salary when asked this question, it’s not always that simple. You might find that you value the benefits, the work-from-home flexibility, title, or location one job has over the other regardless of salary. It’s important to evaluate what you find most important by comparing both jobs written on paper.

Maintain positive communication with both companies while you decide

It’s tempting to accept an offer over the phone, especially if it’s an attractive one, but you know you need to see all the facts in writing. However, you also don’t want to come across as uninterested. Make sure you share your excitement and appreciation, even if it means not saying yes immediately. 

Be sure to ask when the employer needs to know your decision, and share how grateful you are to receive it – you just need to take things in before you accept. Be aware of the deadline to accept, and be courteous when responding, even if you’re declining. 

If you’re still waiting for another offer

You might have a wonderful offer, but still feel like an offer that’s equally or even more attractive from a different employer might be coming your way soon. In this case, that decision deadline might not be the best for your timeline. Thankfully, you have a couple of options here that can help you bring those decision timelines closer together.

  • Reasonably delay your decision
    • With the first employer that made you the offer, ask if you can have more time to decide and ask for more information that can better help you make that decision.
      • For example, ask for the opportunity to meet employees at your level that weren’t able to get in contact with during the screening process in order to make your decision with more knowledge. Be sure to share your excitement and appreciation for the offer, so that they do not doubt your interest.
  • Just be honest with the employer
    • Employers and recruiters are people, and they know that candidates might be interviewing elsewhere. While this can be risky, if approached in a tactful way, this can share that you are in high demand, while also positioning yourself as transparent.
Trust your gut

No matter the decision you make, be sure to be gracious and prompt in your response to both employers. 

At Broadstaff, we believe in faith over fear. You should never feel guilty for putting your best interest first, as the decision is yours to make. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate multiple job offers like a professional, and make the decision that makes the best sense for you.

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