It can be easy to know exactly what you DON’T want in an employer– high turnover, lack of respect, zero boundaries (red flags, anyone? 🚩🚩🚩), but it’s not always as straightforward when it comes to the subtle signs of a healthy work environment.

If you are actively seeking a new role, these five indicators can signify a great employer and will help save you from uncomfortable experiences in the future:

1. All employees, including leadership, are open to (and love receiving) feedback

The best organizations are led by individuals who understand that they do not know everything. Leadership (team leads and C-Suites alike) that carries a growth mindset and recognizes when they are truly listening to someone open the door for positive, constructive conversations.

Great employers are proud of the feedback they receive (both internally and externally), and do not shy away from sharing testimonials and reviews.

Accepting feedback is a skill, and applying that feedback to making changes is a talent. Positive work environments do both. Through surveys, stay interviews, and frequent communication, the best organizations love learning in what areas they are successful, and how they can do better in others.

2. Everyone’s contributions and successes are celebrated

In a healthy work environment, the recognition of every team members’ success is the standard. Acknowledgement and celebration of contribution is key to making employees feel valued! When a potential employer brags on their employees, that’s a good sign! Healthy work environments also provide a platform for employees to be proud of themselves without fear of coming across as boastful.

An extension of this recognition is in the ways of encouragement, development and promotion of all employees. Does this prospective employee promote from within? Do they develop leadership skills in everyone when they can?

At Broadstaff, we believe in giving credit where credit is due, even if it’s giving credit to ourselves! Our weekly “Shoutouts and Wins” meeting gives all employees the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate their team. Each Friday, we share our “win” (What went well? Brag for a minute!) and give a shoutout to someone else for their efforts that did not go unnoticed. 

3. Setbacks are treated as opportunity for solutions, not for pointing fingers

Sometimes things happen, and that’s ok. Instead of focusing attention on who is responsible for a slip up, healthy work environments prioritize finding out how to fix the error, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. If an employer views error as an opportunity to teach and communicate, rather than reprimand, that’s a good sign!

4. Maintaining retention through the Great Resignation

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an shift in employment trends. When new opportunities arose, many employees abandoned their stations for the next best thing. Great employers don’t fault employees for acting in their best interests, but great employers experienced high retention through the Great Resignation, as they already operate with their employees’ best interest in mind.

5. Employee work/life balance is not only respected, but encouraged

Setting, maintaining and respecting boundaries is healthy. When employers value their employees, they are understanding. Great employers preemptively avoid burnout – checking in and respecting employees’ bandwidth. Valued employees aren’t expected to work through lunch and even dinner, or to reply to emails at 1am. Respect comes in many forms: discussing weekend plans without feeling guilty for enjoying yourself, having a flexible schedule that allows time with family, or taking a mental health day where needed. 


At Broadstaff, we’re not in the business of staffing, we’re in the business of people. We love making a connection, and helping you find your dream career (one that is glowing with green flags galore!) If you’re interested in making a career change, give us an email! We’d love to help connect you with our network of telecommunications, 5G and technology jobs. 

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