5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

After nearly a decade, 5G is finally becoming a reality. 5G networks will create a smarter, more connected world and will change our lives forever. These rapid advances in artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things and other emerging technologies are creating demand for new jobs and the skills gap continues to widen. All industries are becoming tech industries and the tech talent shortage is becoming everyone’s problem. What will the workforce of the future look like? Join Carrie Charles as she helps tech leaders navigate this challenging talent landscape with innovative strategies to attract, retain, and engage people in this new world of work.




Episode Blogs

5TT Ishwar Parulkar | Telco
Cultivating the workforce of tomorrow begins with embracing emerging technologies today. Join us in this eye-opening episode with special guest, Ishwar Parulkar, the Chief Technologist for Telecom and Edge Cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Today, Ishwar takes us on a journey through the fascinating landscape of emerging technologies and their profound impact on the Telco industry. He touches on the evolution of Telco, software-defined networking, 5G, and mobile edge computing, providing a unique perspective
5TT Brian Mefford | Fiber Management
Explore the many ways telecommunications can be used as an enabler for entrepreneurial growth and supporting community development. In this episode of 5G Talent Talk with Carrie Charles, we’re joined by Brian Mefford, VP of Broadband Strategy for VETRO FiberMap, to discuss their mission to radically simplify fiber management and drive community advancement. This engaging conversation explores VETRO FiberMap’s efforts of becoming the hub for all aspects of fiber construction, embracing a wide range of
5TT Kelly Lazuka | Team Building
In this episode, join host Carrie Charles as she explores the essential elements of workforce enhancement for sustainable business growth and prosperity. Carrie sits down with Kelly Lazuka, the CEO of Fullerton, for an insightful discussion on building high-performing teams. Discover how Fullerton, a tier one provider, has harnessed the power of mentorship programs, leadership training, and skill development workshops to create an exceptional team that propels business growth. Additionally, gain valuable insights into Fullerton’s
5TT Deborah Kish | Fiber Workforce
How do we get the younger generation of workers interested in the telecommunications industry? As the skilled labor shortage continues to grow, the solution is certainly not ‘easy.’ Thankfully, the Fiber Broadband Association provides resources that make this industry-wide effort a whole lot simpler. Joining us today is Deborah Kish, VP of Research and Workforce Development for the Fiber Broadband Association. In this insightful interview, Carrie and Deborah dive into FBA’s top strategies, programs and playbooks to combat
5TT Chris Pearson | 5G
5G is not merely a technology; it serves as the gateway to an unparalleled era of connectivity, efficiency, and innovation. In this episode of 5G Talent Talk with Carrie Charles, we are joined by Chris Pearson, the President at 5G Americas. Chris highlights the world of 5G, the groundbreaking wireless network that is revolutionizing how we connect and communicate. From the incredible speed and capacity it offers to the vast potential for innovation, 5G has
5TT William Davidson | NextEra Infrastructure Solutions
Inflation is an economic condition that most industries try to navigate through without sinking their business. Today, William Davidson, the Director of Strategic Initiatives for NextEra Infrastructure Solutions (NIS), unravels the impact of economic conditions on fiber deployment. He emphasizes the value of building future-proof foundations and partnerships to survive inflationary conditions. William also shares the advantages of being an energy company and the challenges of the workforce in NIS. Tune in to this episode
5TT Will Grindle | Industry Transformation
What does it take to create a thriving company culture and foster employee growth? It starts with investing in your people. When you prioritize the development and well-being of your team members, the benefits extend far beyond the success of your business. You create a positive impact in the world, one that can ripple outwards and touch countless lives. Our latest episode of 5G Talent Talk with Carrie Charles features an inspiring conversation with Will
5TT Joe Cecin | Unified Corporate Culture
In today’s fast-paced telecommunications industry, companies are constantly looking for ways to grow their business and stay ahead of the competition. In this episode of 5G Talent Talk with Carrie Charles, we sit down with Joe Cecin, CEO of Ontivity, a national-scale network services provider, to discuss his company’s approach to mergers and acquisitions and how they are building a unified corporate culture to help facilitate growth. Joe shares his insights on the current state
5TT Eugina Jordan | Telecom Infra Project
Traditionally speaking, the telecommunications industry has been male-dominated with C-suite and corporate board room positions filled predominantly by men. But for women in telecom, this doesn’t mean that the C-Suite is out of reach. Joining host Carrie Charles for this episode of 5G Talent Talk is Eugina Jordan, CMO of Telecom Infra Project, to discuss her journey on climbing that corporate ladder and breaking into the C-Suite. In the interview, Eugina discusses her path to the
5TT Chad Rasmussen | Telecom
As we head further into 2023, new trends come surfing in the telecom industry. In such an ever-changing landscape, how does a company meet the changing needs of its clients? In this episode, Chad Rasmussen, President and CEO of Y-COM, discusses his unique approach to paving the way for the future of telecom. He shares how Y-COM has evolved to stay ahead of the curve, connecting the dots between the trends and providing cutting-edge solutions
5TT Dan McVaugh | 5G Guys
2023 marks four years since the start of 5G deployment in the United States, and many in the telecom industry are wondering what this year means for 5G rollout. Today, 5G Talent Talk host Carrie Charles welcomes Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith, wireless telecommunications experts and co-hosts of the 5G Guys podcast. In this episode, the duo provide valuable insights on what to expect in the year ahead through workforce challenges, threat of recession, and
5TT Chris Larocca | Talent Development
When you know what you’re good at, it can pay to stay in your niche. Doing exactly that, Network Connex has found success by focusing on the areas of their core competencies and differentiated expertise. An organization of five business units, Network Connex is focused on the professional and engineering services in digital infrastructure. In today’s episode, host Carrie Charles is joined by Chris Larocca, CEO and President of Network Connex. Listen along as Chris