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Stories from Job Seekers

I’ve worked for a few staffing companies in my 21 years in telecom and I can say with great admiration that Broadstaff is the best of any by far. Their attention to you as an employee is nothing I have experienced with past firms who seem to count you as a number. I have monthly interactions with Amy Nowack, Carolyn Ogle and have even had the CEO Carrie Charles reach out personally and handle a personal issue I had. Broadstaff is a great company to work for and I look forward to working for them well into the future.


Ryan has been professional throughout the hiring process. He has kept in touch with me and kept me updated with all new developments. The onboarding team was quick to deliver and process all necessary new hire paperwork. Broadstaff has been very responsive throughout the whole process. I am thankful I was able to work with them and look forward to the new employment opportunity they presented to me.


Working with Broadstaff has been nothing short of a great experience. The various forms of information provided to me has been very resourceful and the customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend Amy as she adds to the wonderful experience.


I worked with Cherish from Broadstaff and she was phenomenal to work with throughout the entire hiring process. She was very involved and put forth great effort in helping me secure the position with my current company. I couldn’t be happier with where I ended up. It’s a great fit for me. I highly recommend Broadstaff as a telecommunications recruiting firm! Thanks for everything you’ve done!!!


Stephanie with Broadstaff has been extremely helpful and great to work with. I’d recommend anyone who is looking for a job to give Broadstaff a try- they are there every step of the way


Stories from Our Clients

We were concerned that Broadstaff might have difficulty finding candidates that would be able to meet our very specific needs. We have never had much success with utilizing recruitment firms in the past for our technical positions. But Broadstaff was professional and direct with open communication.

Broadstaff is a one stop shop. They were able to assist with providing quality applicants to fill multiple positions throughout our organization. Their team was successful in finding qualified applicants in a very challenging market area. We experienced more success with recruiting applicants and filling positions through Broadstaff than with any other recruitment firm.


My main concern about working with most recruitment firms has been that they do not properly vet candidates and are more concerned about filling the position with a warm body and producing revenue. Broadstaff in my experience does a very good job of presenting the right candidate for the right position.

The Broadstaff team spent time with us to ensure that their team understood our needs, and what skills the candidates need to have to fill the open position. When a contractor leaves for a permanent position, Broadstaff is always ready to backfill that position with either someone they have in their pipeline or they’re ready to pound the pavement and phones to find us the right person. They are a very professional organization. The entire team is always available at a moment’s notice, from the CEO all the way through the entire team. If we need them they are there. They have a user friendly time reporting and approval platform for our contractors.

I think one of the things that really surprised me was how upfront and forthright the staff was about letting us know the skill sets of some candidates. Most firms will tout everyone they find as the best guy around and then they need top dollar for him or her. Broadstaff is more collaborative, letting us know about a candidate’s skills and then pricing the rate accordingly.


We appreciate a supplier that equally understands the required skill set of the role as well as the client culture to optimize the most suitable candidate submission. Broadstaff has high candidate quality, responsiveness to PMO inquiries, and access to key contacts before or after normal business hours. They are compliant with all aspects of vendor neutrality, communicating exclusively through the PMO. Broadstaff is a valued supplier that understands client needs and has earned high marks regarding job posting responsiveness.


Broadstaff goes above and beyond delivering quality candidates. They do not stop or shy away from challenging, hard to fill positions. The company represents themselves professionally and abides by all boundaries requested. The staff makes feel me like I am a part of their team!


“There is an authentic passion to support and cultivate true partnership with our candidates and clients…it’s in the Broadstaff DNA. We don’t just want your business, we want your trust and your friendship. That’s what really keeps us moving forward every day.”

Taylor Eberhardt, Client Relationship Manager

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