Military veterans provide value to many telecommunications, 5G and technical roles due in part to the experiences, skills and characteristics from their time serving. Bringing veterans on to your team is key to leveling up your employee pools’ talent and integrity, and overall make a wise hiring choice. These are 5 reasons to hire a veteran for your next job opening:

1. Commitment to health and safety protocols

As a result of military training, veterans value and are aware of health and safety guidelines for the benefit of themselves and the welfare of others. As individuals, veterans are able to maintain levels of personal health and fitness while committing to representing a drug-free workforce. As part of a company, veterans’ awareness and attentiveness serves to protect all employees, property and materials. Veterans are diligent employees, caring about regulations and safety resources, such as those available from NATE.

2. Often open to relocation

Between deployments and moving around the US from base to base while in active duty, moving for work is not unfamiliar for military veterans. Moving is often viewed as part of the job – for this reason, many veteran job candidates are open to relocation, prioritizing opportunity and providing for their families above staying in one place.

3. Applicable experience from technical military training

While many civilian industries do not always see how military training can be relevant to their field, the telecommunications industry can directly apply skills from technical training. Veterans with a Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) or an Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) rating related to radio, communication, antenna and cable work have hands-on experience with the technology used in telecommunications roles. This experience allows veterans the opportunity to advance quickly and rise to higher-level positions, while offering value to your organization.

4. Leadership and teamwork skills

It’s a no-brainer – the military shapes veterans to be well-versed in working with others and properly motivating and inspiring their teams, and provides leaders with skills in the ways of direction and delegation. Military veterans respect and understand the dynamics of leadership in both peer and hierarchical structures. Practical leadership, collaboration, and respect for authority are found in those who have served.

5. Mission-focused

In their service, veterans dedicated themselves and their lives to their country in their service. In civilian jobs, veterans present themselves as mission-focused, solution oriented employees. The telecommunications sector provides a meaningful mission, with 5G and other technology expanding year after year, and providing a vision for the connected future. 


Broadstaff is proud to be a NAVOBA certified veteran owned small business. Fluent in telecommunications, 5G and technology, we have an extensive network of skilled job candidates. We are always proud to help veterans connect with the job opportunity of their dreams, and make a difference in their lives. Are you looking to hire for telecommunications, 5G or technology? Look no further. Send us an email, we’d love to hear from you!


Looking for more resources?

Hire Heroes USA provides free job search assistance to U.S. military members, veterans and their spouses, and helps companies connect with opportunities to hire them.

For telecommunications companies interested in supporting the mission of hiring veterans, become a Warriors4Wireless partner. Warriors4Wireless (W4W) is a veteran focused charitable organization striving to connect veterans to well-paying careers in the 5G workforce.