5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

Culture is relative to being number one in any industry. After all, in order to provide the very best to your clients, you need to have people who also perform their jobs at their very best. Talking to someone who has brought that amazing employee culture to the telecommunications industry, Carrie Charles sits down with Thomas Kane, the President of the site development firm, Network Building + Consulting, otherwise known as NB+C. With a 500-person team behind, NB+C has one of the best human capital department in the entire country. Here, Tom shares with us how they grew the company into what it is now and what they are doing mission and culture-wise that help them attract and retain talent. He goes further and taps into employee engagement, career path programs, and his plans for hiring for 2020 and beyond. Follow along in this great episode to learn more about the secrets to creating one of the most highly engaged companies in telecommunications.

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