5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

Cultivating the workforce of tomorrow begins with embracing emerging technologies today. Join us in this eye-opening episode with special guest, Ishwar Parulkar, the Chief Technologist for Telecom and Edge Cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Today, Ishwar takes us on a journey through the fascinating landscape of emerging technologies and their profound impact on the Telco industry. He touches on the evolution of Telco, software-defined networking, 5G, and mobile edge computing, providing a unique perspective on the industry’s rapid transformation. Ishwar also explores the impact of generative AI on the workforce and emphasizes the importance of upskilling and retraining. He highlights the need for awareness, education, partnerships, and a shift in mindset to navigate the transformative wave that generative AI and cloud technologies bring. Tune in now and be part of the exciting transformation happening at the intersection of technology and Telecom.

Listen and read the full blog post here

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