5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

Explore the many ways telecommunications can be used as an enabler for entrepreneurial growth and supporting community development. In this episode of 5G Talent Talk with Carrie Charles, we’re joined by Brian Mefford, VP of Broadband Strategy for VETRO FiberMap, to discuss their mission to radically simplify fiber management and drive community advancement.

This engaging conversation explores VETRO FiberMap’s efforts of becoming the hub for all aspects of fiber construction, embracing a wide range of public-private partnerships. Additionally, Brian shares insights into the corporate culture at VETRO, their strategies for addressing the challenges that come with business growth, and how grant funding has changed with the latest technological shifts. Tune in to this insightful episode and join us in shaping the future of telecom through innovative approaches and community development.

Listen and read the full blog post here

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