5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

Traditionally speaking, the telecommunications industry has been male-dominated with C-suite and corporate board room positions filled predominantly by men. But for women in telecom, this doesn’t mean that the C-Suite is out of reach. Joining host Carrie Charles for this episode of 5G Talent Talk is Eugina Jordan, CMO of Telecom Infra Project, to discuss her journey on climbing that corporate ladder and breaking into the C-Suite.

In the interview, Eugina discusses her path to the C-Suite, making note of the key skills needed to succeed and the importance of building relationships. Though this conversation is specific to women in the industry, the valuable insights and lessons on authenticity, imposter syndrome, personal branding, networking, and more make for an engaging episode beneficial to anyone looking to advance their career.

Listen to the podcast episode below for the full conversation, and make sure to check out her new book “UNLIMITED: The 17 Proven Laws for Success in a Workplace That Was Not Designed for You“, coming out May 2023.

Listen and read the full blog post here

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