5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

After nearly a decade, 5G is finally becoming a reality. 5G networks will create a smarter, more connected world and will change our lives forever. These rapid advances in artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things and other emerging technologies are creating demand for new jobs and the skills gap continues to widen. All industries are becoming tech industries and the tech talent shortage is becoming everyone’s problem. What will the workforce of the future look like? Join Carrie Charles as she helps tech leaders navigate this challenging talent landscape with innovative strategies to attract, retain, and engage people in this new world of work.




Episode Blogs

Every company must have a proper workplace culture in order to succeed. But for it to be truly effective, it must not only focus on hitting the goals but also give employees a chance to grow. Carrie Charles is joined by Timothy Biltz, CEO of Segra, to share the secrets of doing an extraordinary workplace culture shift. He explains how starting with the core values made everything fall into place, giving their people a clear
A fast and efficient wireless system is truly an excellent tool to use in today’s digital world as it opens a lot of opportunities. With everything almost done digital, having a proper connection is a must. However, without a well-targeted plan and strategy, bridging the 5G skills gap would be impossible. Dr. Rikin Thakker saw this opening as an opportunity to help others through the smart use of technology. Carrie Charles interviews the Chief Technology Officer
5TT 36 | ZenFi Networks
At some point, wireless technology ends up ina network of wires somewhere.ZenFi Networks leads the way in this crucial part of 5G development as a disruptive force in fiber deployment inNew YorkCityand New Jersey. Even at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ZenFi team continues to tirelessly transform the metropolitan region’s connectivity landscape. Leading the charge in this massiveundertakingisPat O’Hare, the company’s Senior Vice of President of operations and Engineering. Joining Carrie Charles on
The challenges of building a virtualized, software-driven network from scratch are real. On today’s podcast, Carrie Charles is joined by Dave Mayo, the Executive Vice President of Network Deployment at DISH Network. Dave talks about some of the challenges they’re facing and how they plan on overcoming them. He also shares the secret sauce to building a network and improving the process of creating a smart, motivated team over time. — Listen to the podcast
With the world thrust into going virtual by the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is no doubt that the data and technology space is seeing an uptick. In fact, they may probably be one of the industries seeing unbelievable growth now. So what does the future look for the data center industry from here on out? Carrie Charles sits down with none other than Tom Brown, the president and CEO of DataGryd—the single largest data center in New York
5TT 33 | Tech Gender Gap
To this day, women continue to face challenges on their career journey towards leadership. Existing gender stereotypes and discrimination keep women from climbing to the top of the career ladder without having to face some bumps along the way, especially in a male-dominated industry. In this special episode, Carrie Charles talks about the gender gap in tech with no other than women who have had these journeys, been through the challenges, and rose to the
Nokia is one of the biggest 5G players, not only in the US but in the whole world. As it embraces the next generation of technology, it is going to need to upscale its talent pool to meet new challenges. How does Nokia replenish its talent well, externally and internally? Joining Carrie Charles to talk about this is Marianne Strobel, the tech giant’s Head of North America Customer Marketing and Communication. Marianne shares how the company
5TT 29 | Telecom Workforce
For the existing telecom workforce, there are many very dedicated men and women out there who are deploying 5G technology infrastructure. It’s critical to the American public to have that and to be the first to achieve it, but also to make sure that those workers not only come to work but go home at night safe. Om today’s show, Duane MacEntee, the Executive Director of the NWSA (National Wireless Safety Alliance), joins Carrie Charles to talk
Every now and then, someone comes along and transforms and disrupts an industry. On today’s show, Carrie Charles talks to one of those people, Iyad Tarazi. Iyad is the President and CEO of Federated Wireless, an American-based wireless communications company headquartered in Arlington County, Virginia. Federated Wireless is considered is a phenomenal place to call home by its employees. Today, Carrie chats with Iyad to find out how they create that special culture and the
Culture is relative to being number one in any industry. After all, in order to provide the very best to your clients, you need to have people who also perform their jobs at their very best. Talking to someone who has brought that amazing employee culture to the telecommunications industry, Carrie Charles sits down with Thomas Kane, the President of the site development firm, Network Building + Consulting, otherwise known as NB+C. With a 500-person team behind,
In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, where almost all industries and infrastructures are taking a hit, the digital space has undeniably stood its ground and even became the connective tissue that is holding things together today. Speaking about the power of digital in this episode, Carrie Charles interviews digital influencer and infrastructure visionary, Marc Ganzi. He is a Managing Partner at Digital Colony, CEO of Colony Capital, and the founder and CEO of Digital Bridge
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