5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

After nearly a decade, 5G is finally becoming a reality. 5G networks will create a smarter, more connected world and will change our lives forever. These rapid advances in artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things and other emerging technologies are creating demand for new jobs and the skills gap continues to widen. All industries are becoming tech industries and the tech talent shortage is becoming everyone’s problem. What will the workforce of the future look like? Join Carrie Charles as she helps tech leaders navigate this challenging talent landscape with innovative strategies to attract, retain, and engage people in this new world of work.




Episode Blogs

5TT Scott Willis | Closing The Gaps
The growing demand for streaming and two-way video services, 5G and the future of IoT continue to increase bandwidth needs, putting the pressure on growing markets. In today’s episode, Scott D. Willis, CEO of DartPoints, shares the strategies responsible for DartPoints’ explosive growth. DartPoints aims to deliver unique alternative solutions for sustainability in its commitment to innovation within the industry. Tune in to this episode of 5G Talent Talk as Scott and Carrie discuss the
5TT 89 | Crown Castle
If you don’t work in the telecom industry, you might not recognize that you’re indirectly interacting with Crown Castle every day. But as one of the largest providers of shared communications infrastructure in the US, Crown Castle’s impact on the shared infrastructure space is undeniable. With 40,000 cell phone towers, 85,000 route miles of fiber and over 115,000 small cells in some sort of deployment, Crown Castle’s network is always expanding. In this episode of
5TT 88 | DataBank
With shifting markets easily weeding out the strong from the weak, DataBank has proven itself as a force in the data center sector. In today’s episode, Carrie Charles sits down with none other than DataBank’s CEO, Raul Martynek. DataBank had 6 data centers in 3 markets when it was acquired in 2016. Years later, Databank is now one of the largest private data center platforms in the US, with 65+ data centers located within 100 miles of more than 60%
5TT 87 | Ubicquia
Ubicquia is on a mission to create smarter, safer and more connected cities. Their solutions leverage existing infrastructure such as streetlights and utility poles to provide critical services to communities globally. Ubicquia makes scaling and deploying WiFi and 5G faster and more efficient. Join Carrie Charles as she speaks with Ubicquia CEO, Ian Aaron and learn about the latest technology that is driving 5G and making a difference in our world. — Listen and read
5TT 86 | Craft Skilled Labor
Quanta Services is committed to operating as a craft skilled labor company. Tune in as Carrie Charles talks with SVP of Telecom Operations Rob McGee about the impact this commitment has on company culture, as nearly 100% of leadership at Quanta has craft skilled labor on their resume at some point. At Quanta Services, people are the heart of everything they do, embracing differences and supporting an environment where all employees are valued. In this
5TT 85 Jessica | Prioritizing People
While the technology industry continues to develop and evolve, it remains that the human element and leveraging a workforce’s skills play an important role in allowing the industry to thrive. In today’s episode, Jessica Firestone, CEO and President of Tempest shares her vision to provide complete management of maintenance programs, explore new relationships and to expand internationally. At the heart of her growth goals is the importance of prioritizing people and utilizing their strengths. Finally,
5TT 84 | Developing and Retaining Talent
Being skilled in attracting and retaining talent is the standard organizations strive for – developing that talent into leaders is a separate feat few can achieve. How does Larry Moore Jr. do it? In this episode, Carrie Charles sits down with the Chief Operating Officer of Roaming Networks to discuss the “Roaming culture” they’ve developed and how it has paved the way for increasing retention. The two also discuss the servant leadership Larry practices and how he mentors his
5TT 83 | Growth Mindset
The key to growth begins with strong leadership. Joining your host Carrie Charles is the President of  Vision Technologies,  Kevin Nolan. Over twenty years since its humble beginnings of starting in a garage, Vision Technologies now proudly holds its own, boasting nearly 600 employees with annual revenues exceeding $153.1M in 2021. The successes of Vision Technologies can be attributed to direction from leadership and the commitment to fostering an effective work culture. In this episode, Kevin describes
To thrive in telecommunications, you must be a problem solver. Join your host Carrie Charles as she interviews Keith Casey, President of Motive Infrastructure Solutions, an organization known for setting the benchmark in excellence and continuous improvement. In this episode, listen along as the two discuss how previous military experience applies now to their roles as leaders in the telecommunications industry, the best practices for talent acquisition and retention, the importance of communication, and proven
5TT 81 | Aviation Safety
We often associate 5G with the general understanding of how it affects telecommunications — faster internet speed, widespread coverage, and the internet of things. We get to learn more about the important role 5G plays in the world of aviation in today’s episode, as Carrie Charles sits down with Vance Hilderman, principal founder, CEO, and CTO of AFuzion. Listen along as the world-renowned safety-critical expert, speaker, author, and trainer share his journey in finding his
5TT 80 | Customer Focused Culture
Putting your customer first requires adding value to your customers and relationships every step of the way. Particularly in communications infrastructure, developing a customer-first culture is done through taking the complexity out of what is a very complex business. Joining Carrie Charles today is Monnie McGaffigan, the Chief Revenue Officer of ExteNet Systems, a leading national provider of converged communications infrastructure and services addressing outdoor, real estate, communities and enterprise advanced connectivity needs. For Monnie, removing the
5TT 79 | Connected Community
Always a crucial aspect of business, the importance of connection was highlighted when the pandemic hit. Our guest this episode, Kevin Coyne of Summit Broadband, strives to be an instrument in building a connected community of tomorrow with Summit Broadband’s products and services. With more than 20 years of telecommunications experience focused on fiber-optic and high-bandwidth solutions, Kevin Coyne leads Summit Broadband to expand its influence and services, in particular to rural communities, to provide