5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

After nearly a decade, 5G is finally becoming a reality. 5G networks will create a smarter, more connected world and will change our lives forever. These rapid advances in artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things and other emerging technologies are creating demand for new jobs and the skills gap continues to widen. All industries are becoming tech industries and the tech talent shortage is becoming everyone’s problem. What will the workforce of the future look like? Join Carrie Charles as she helps tech leaders navigate this challenging talent landscape with innovative strategies to attract, retain, and engage people in this new world of work.




Episode Blogs

5TT 58 | Clean Power
“Any infrastructure that uses fuel is an opportunity to remove and improve the conditions of the infrastructure.” This is what Alexandra Rasch Castillo, the founder and CEO of Caban Systems, believes. Having been enamored with the idea of removing contaminants from the environment, she has set off to create clean power infrastructures. In this episode, she joins Carrie Charles to talk about green 5G. She explores what is called carbon neutral and how they are working on
5TT 57 | Building Small Cells
While 5G services are in demand, the deployment of this technology can often cause disruption. The Helicore team has found a fast and easy solution to the disruptions caused by 5G densification and deployment – building small cells. In this episode, Carrie Charles interviews Co-founders Kevin Russ and Josh Dotson on the progress done by their company and the patented technology they use. Kevin and Russ talk about getting their start in the telecoms industry
5TT 56 Dr. Vida Ilderem | Wireless Communications Talent
What type of talent is essential for the future of wireless communications? We need people with a systems mindset. The guest for today’s episode is Dr. Vida Ilderem, Vice President at Intel Labs. Vida discusses with Carrie Charles how wireless communications require a plethora of expertise to succeed in the future. All the way from engineering to social science. That’s why we need talents who know how to bring multiple disciplines together and work as
Municipal broadband is one of the areas where there is a massive opportunity on the horizon. Cobb, Fendley & Associates leads the charge in this development. Carrie Charles chats with Monica Silver, the President, and Vineeta Ram, the Executive Vice President of Cobb Fendley. The company’s executive pair talk to Carrie about recognizing opportunities, utilizing projects and different aspects of municipal broadband. They dive into the company’s initiatives for professional development.  — Listen and read the full blog post here Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How »
There are a lot of things happening right now in the business of digital infrastructure. Tune in as Carrie Charles sits down with Jennifer Fritzsche as she breaks down how she foresees telecom and tech will intersect and what lies ahead for the future of the communications infrastructure. Jennifer is the Managing Director of North American telecom and communications infrastructure, Greenhill. She also shares what it’s like to be a female leader in a male-dominated industry and just how
Among other lessons, this pandemic has made us realize the need to bridge the existing digital divide that holds back a lot of people. Expanding the network is a lot of work, but it holds a lot of promise or the future of work, business, and even personal life. In this episode, Carrie Charles talks with Staffan Göjeryd, the CEO of Telia Carrier, who further elaborates about bridging the digital divide and expanding the network. Staffan also shares how the pandemic affected the telecom industry. He also
Telecom has not been maximizing the power of 5G enough, and not because the technology is not ready. With digital innovation already set, telecom transformation must start with organizations and goals themselves. Carrie Charles brings back her first-ever guest, Kevin Shatzkamer of Google, to discuss how service operators must utilize 5G technology to elevate their industries. Kevin explains why this must start with huge shifts in workplace culture and employee development. He also talks about the telecom
Mike Simpson is the Chief Procurement Officer of T-Mobile and he believes that 5G for all is the best way to create an inclusive future. Being inclusive could mean several things both on the business side and in the culture side. Find out the work culture of T-Mobile post-merger with Sprint. Join your host, Carrie Charles as she sits down with Mike to talk about the 5G future, sustainable energy projects, work diversity, and much more.   — Listen and read the
5TT 50 | Evolving Business
To survive and succeed in business, you need to be ready to change. You need to be ready to start evolving your business, and Paul Fettucia knows the way. Paul, the resident and General Manager of ANS Advanced Network Services, joins our Carrie Charles in this episode to talk about business change and transformations. Paul traces the beginnings of ANS, their pivots to different technologies on the market, and their use of work from home
5TT 49 | Unlocking Human Potential
Leading a group of employees while managing a company isn’t easy. But for Tom Leddo, Chief Strategy Officer at MD7, it’s all about unlocking human potential, creating that connection and providing opportunities for growth. He tells Carrie Charles that the secret to maintaining their position at the top of the mobile world is the fact they focus on their employees. Through their core values, they have this visible guide that leads them to the direction
5TT 48 | Leadership Built Right
To you future great leaders, here’s advice from someone who knows what it means to have leadership built right. This show’s guest today is Phillip French, the Vice President of Network Engineering at Verizon Wireless. Phillip shares valuable insights with Carrie Charles on how to create a collaborative, inclusive environment that encourages authenticity and fosters a sense of belonging. He reveals strategies that help make everyone feel valued and connected to reach their full potential.
Strategic growth for every company and industry is necessary for survival. When it comes to the telecom industry, while we have seen continuous improvement for the past couple of years, some hindrances are stopping it from reaching its full potential. Carrie Charles sits down with Michael Faraone and Michael Devine, Senior Managing Director and Managing Director of Skyway Capital Markets, respectively, as they share their thoughts on factors that drive the growth downwards. Offering solutions, they then discuss how