5G Talent Talk

with Carrie Charles

After nearly a decade, 5G is finally becoming a reality. 5G networks will create a smarter, more connected world and will change our lives forever. These rapid advances in artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things and other emerging technologies are creating demand for new jobs and the skills gap continues to widen. All industries are becoming tech industries and the tech talent shortage is becoming everyone’s problem. What will the workforce of the future look like? Join Carrie Charles as she helps tech leaders navigate this challenging talent landscape with innovative strategies to attract, retain, and engage people in this new world of work.




Episode Blogs

5TT 72 Justin Marron | Wireless Infrastructure
Wireless is the fourth utility because it’s an integral part of business and social connection today. Carrie Charles welcomes Justin Marron, the Chief Executive Officer at Strategic Venue Partners (SVP) – which offers Wireless Infrastructure as a Service (WIaaS). The goal is to deliver all-inclusive, turnkey, wireless infrastructure as a holistic managed service. We need to future-proof the old model into something people can buy into for the long term. Join in the conversation to learn
With the rapid development of technology comes the need for strategic change. Businesses must be able to handle rising demands and changing customer behavior. Despite the many adjustments, one thing remains a constant: human capital must never be taken for granted. Joining Carrie Charles is the CEO and Managing Partner of QORVAL Partners, Paul Fioravanti. He shares his insights on helping telecommunication clients meet the expectations of the digital future. Paul explains how high profitability
Everything is fast-paced, and everything is accessible with a single click. This growth in connectivity has been made possible by high-performance network companies like ExteNet. ExteNet is the largest privately held communications infrastructure provider in North America. Their CEO, Richard Coyle, focuses on growing and improving the operational, financial, and market position of various types of businesses. Rich joins Carrie Charles to discuss his vision of building top-performing teams that exceed expectations and take personal
5TT 68 | NextEdge Networks
You can have six different companies under your belt, but without a vision, it will all collapse. Discover how Chris Maguire found one vision and managed to diversify with NextEdge Networks. Join your host Carrie Charles as she talks to its CEO, Chris. With NextEdge, Chris has built a nationwide turnkey smart community infrastructure firm. Discover how he got six different companies to work for him and how he got everything aligned. Learn about the roll-up strategy, how
One of the biggest challenges of broadband today is the monopoly system that’s expensive to build. Rod Hanson, the Chief Executive Officer of Cityside Networks, talks with Carrie Charle about how a wholesale shared digital infrastructure is a cost-effective solution to the problem. It’s essential to take a holistic approach when solving big issues. When it comes to digital networks, it’s best to look from the city and citizens approach rather than from a single
California has a lot of rural areas where there is not a lot of wired infrastructure. GeoLinks is in the business of solving the digital infrastructure problems of today. Carrie Charles welcomes James Childs, the Senior VP, Corporate Development & Spectrum at GeoLinks. James talks with Carrie about how GeoLinks supports the remote camera installations for the alert wildfire projects. Early detection of wildfire is a crucial early response measure. Do you want to know
Recruiting, retaining and developing exceptional sales talent has always been a challenge for leaders.  It becomes even more complicated in the midst of our “Great Resignation”.  Tune in and learn how to build and lead resilient sales teams with your host Carrie Charles and her guest Kim Kerr.  Kim is the Senior Vice President of Business Sales and Operations for US Cellular. She is responsible for driving revenue and building all-star sales teams.  Discover Kim’s winning leadership
5TT Tony Grayson | Data Technology
Technological innovation has immensely helped turn the impossible possible. In this episode, Carrie Charles sits with Tony Grayson, the General Manager of Compass Datacenters, to have a future-forward chat on data infrastructures and technology and what they can offer on sustainability. The two discuss the factors slowing the expansion of 5G, the digital divide and the expansion of broadband network accessibility in rural areas, and the future of the edge for telecom. Finally, Tony shares
Just because accidents in this industry are inevitable doesn’t mean we should stop trying to add more safety measures. The Senior Manager for National Site Safety at T-Mobile, Heather Gastelum, refuses to accept construction-related fatalities as just part of the job. In this episode, she sits down with Carrie Charles to talk about tower safety. She also cites some specific challenges that both companies and the workforce face and some of their solutions. Heather then taps
Talent retention can be a difficult matter for many businesses. One company, however, seems to have found a formula for success. In this episode, Carrie Charles is joined by the Head of Wireless Talent Acquisition for DISH Network, Katie Flynn, and the Regional VP for the Central Region, Nichole Thomas in a discussion about finding and retaining the best talent. Nichole and Katie talk about how they got their start at DISH, their expansion and focus on
While gender inequality is present in every industry, it seems particularly prevalent in the male-dominated tech world.  Women continue to leave the tech industry at unprecedented rates with the pandemic fueling the fire.  In our new world of work, how do we encourage more women to enter tech fields — and stay?  How can companies design a culture that supports and empowers women?  Listen to our host Carrie Charles and guest, Amy Wheelus, as they
5TT 62 Steve Blazenko | Design For Compliance
Design for compliance separates GSS from its competitors. Host Carrie Charles introduces Steve Blazenko, the CEO at GSS, and Alexander Novak, the General Manager at GSS. Steve and Alexander explain how GSS does everything in-house, starting with site acquisition. With other acquisition firms, they’ll have to outsource environmental compliance. So if you want a seamless experience, go for the GSS way. Join in the conversation to discover more about GSS and its family-oriented culture. Tune in!