Get a room full of candidates together, ask them all the same question and the chances are 50% will give answer one way and 50% another.

So what is that question?

What is the best way to apply for a position with a company?

The choice of answers will usually fall within one of two categories:

• It’s best to go through a recruiter; or
• It’s best to go direct.

We understand why some candidates think they’ll do better by applying direct but, at least in the case of DAS candidates, we are certain that using Broadstaff is the best thing that you as a candidate can do.

Like it or not, landing the right new job is like making a sale, and something salespeople learn early in their careers is that there’s no point in mounting a sales campaign unless you’ve identified the decision-maker and established a route to him or her. In the case of recruitment, the decision-maker is the hiring manager.

Now, we’re not saying you can’t find their way to the hiring manager unaided. There’s no question that some candidates can – and will. But, when it comes to DAS, we already know the hiring managers and are in frequent contact with them.

We know:

• What and who they’re looking for at any given time
• The differences between different companies as it relates to selection procedures
• What concerns any particular one of them has and how to present a resume so that it appeals to them
• How to coach candidates to present themselves in the best possible light, which will be different for each hiring manager

We also know that some hiring managers prefer to pay our fee in order to work with us simply because we DO know these things and they will always look at a resume we send while unfortunately, most applications received directly from candidates will fall into a black hole. Even when a company has a job portal, too often the purpose has been forgotten and applications sent there never reach the person who needs to see them.

If you’re in the market for a new opportunity, we would counsel you even more strongly to not place your resume on job boards like Monster and Indeed. Companies that search these types of job boards soon discover that there are far too many registered candidates to allow a sensible, coherent search – and, when they do find one who looks right, too often she or he has already accepted another job and is no longer looking.

At the end of the day, we offer candidates the most assured route to the decision-maker. We can also be relied upon to give you the most accurate feedback, so that if for some reason, you don’t land the job in question, you’ll be more readily prepared for the next interview that pops up.

At Broadstaff, our task is to match client needs with the best DAS Performance Engineers in the country, regardless of geographic location. We have more than 20+ years of collective experience working in the telecom and IT industries, which means we know who companies are looking for right now, as well as what approach they are most likely to respond to. And because of our unique approach to recruiting, we can often have our candidates ready to start in under a week.

If you are a DAS Performance Engineer, Construction Manager or Project Manager and you want to look for something new or just to talk about how the DAS recruitment market is right now, contact us today!