What does diversity and inclusion have to do with the world of 5G technology? For Verizon Global Network and Technology Vice President Abby Knowles, equity, diversity and inclusion are going to allow companies to make better and stronger technological innovations. This point of view very much mirrors the telecommunication giant’s stance towards social justice, which serves as a model for the rest of the industry to follow. In the spirit of Women’s Month, Abby joins Carrie Charles to explain why Verizon is not only leading the world in wireless technology, but also in promoting social justice within its ranks and beyond. A Verizon success story herself, Abby is a living proof of the company’s long-standing commitment towards leveraging the unique talents and capabilities that individuals from various backgrounds can offer. She is now at the forefront of that renewed and amplified commitment as Verizon strives to create new benchmarks for diversity and inclusion in the wireless space.

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