Feel like you are battling for quality talent? You are not alone. Hiring in the Telecom Industry has never been more challenging and the stakes are high.

Employers across the country are facing the worst talent gap crisis since 2007.

Countless Telecom firms are in need of Techs, CMs, PMs, Engineers….and the list goes on and on.

We could spend hours analyzing why there is a shortage. But that doesn’t help solve the problem. We need solutions and we need them fast.

How do you find the people you need, in the market you need, at the time you need – Oh! And within budget?

It’s time to get creative… and yes, you may need to spend a little extra to get the job done.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

• Rely on your network

This is a great start. You can get some traction here, but your network is finite and you will eventually run out of steam (and patience)

• Invest in training your existing employees

The Telecommunications Education Center (TEC) has industry-specific training programs that will advance your current employees and train new ones.

• Optimize you hiring process

If you are a decision maker, speed up the hiring process. In this market, candidates have multiple offers in hand. Don’t let time rob you of a great employee. If you have a slow moving process, explain this up front so the candidate isn’t waiting in limbo.

• Look outside the industry to find transferrable skills or recognize industry candidates with the potential to develop new skills.

• Increase compensation

In this market, you get what you pay for.

Skilled labor is getting more and more expensive. These folks are making more money than ever before and they won’t settle for less. Know these numbers before you bid and plan ahead. You may have a tight budget, but a weak team will cost you more in the long run.

• Flexible arrangements

When you find a qualified candidate that fits the bill, you may need to be flexible with location, per diem or other areas of need.

• Leverage a specialized staffing agency


The search and hiring process can be completed within days

Industry Expertise

Choose a niche agency that knows your needs and sends qualified candidates.


An agency is performance-based and depends on your success.

Time Savings

You won’t waste your time interviewing unqualified candidates. The agency will check references and background.

Partnership/Honest Feedback

You will develop a relationship with an expert that knows the industry and can be a valuable partner for years to come.

Agency Employee Benefits

Agencies will offer benefits to the candidates. This is one less stress and burden for you.

• Cross your fingers, pray and hope it all works out!

That is until someone doesn’t show up on a job site or gets a better offer just days before their start date (or weeks into a project). Let the stress begin!

Yes, it is a battlefield, but it is a talent war worth waging. There is nothing more important than hiring and developing good people.

Steve Jobs said it best, “Hiring the best people is your most important task.”

Carrie Charles
CEO, BroadStaff