The greatest shift in the recruiting paradigm for 2019: The Candidate Experience.

According to one of the latest studies by the MRI Network, 2019 is about to be characterized by more service-based recruiting methods. By placing significant focus on the more personable aspects of the recruiting process, and establishing a strong reputation and brand, forward-thinking firms in 2019 will see no shortage of success.

Not only this, the recruiting field is steadily becoming more candidate-driven. This calls for strong emphasis on customer service when sourcing talent, and a strong online reputation. Today, 75% of candidates research a firm’s online presence and social ratings prior to submitting an application.

What does this mean for firms who haven’t kept up with the social media tidal wave?

Less recruits, less interest in job openings, and lots of missed chances to connect with winning talent.

In 2019, the best way to provide a personable, and more memorable candidate experience is to:

1.) Cultivate a strong employer brand.

Recruitment marketing is a phrase used to describe the way in which a firm uses strong marketing tactics throughout the recruiting process.

When compared to recruiting methods that follow the “paper trail” pattern of recruiting strategy (application to selection to hire), companies that utilize recruitment marketing are more likely to appeal to candidates and make a lasting impression on them.

2.) Utilize social recruiting methods.

Social recruiting surpasses your typical online post. All social channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are like your window to the outside world… and it is likely to be responsible for your first impression on potential candidates.

In 2019, it’s far more likely for candidates to search for company social media profiles rather than a company’s homepage.

The keys to a strong online presence, your first “handshake” to potential candidates:

· Go beyond the job ad. Use your social media posts to engage with your audience and your target talent.

· Use social media as a search tool. Connect with the best potential candidates in order to build your mission, and encourage them to apply.

· Build relationships. Comment, communicate, and demonstrate your interest in only the best. Begin the candidate experience and attract qualified talent.

For 2019, show the candidates your interest in them, and reinforce your goals for the job!

Social recruiting brings a chance to meet, greet, and network with your ideal employee. Through a strong social media presence and a positive message that cares, your talent pool will be full of only the top-notch candidates , all ready for the hire.

Carrie Charles • CEO BroadStaff