At Broadstaff, we are committed to finding the best candidates, wherever they may be. With more than 20+ years of collective experience in the telecom and IT industries, we know how to recruit the right people for you. And our unique approach to recruiting means we can often have our candidates ready to start in under a week.

And there’s the rub.

Because sometimes you just aren’t ready to hire that quickly.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that our job is to give you what you need and if that can best be described as, “hurry up and wait”, well, that’s how it is. We’d like to explain, though, why it can be a problem. A problem for you, because the DAS market is white hot right now and it’s candidate-driven. Time is not on our side and it isn’t on yours. Wait too long after the candidate has been prepped and she or he can – and, too often, does – go elsewhere.

When this happens, the time and money we’ve invested since you gave us the order is wasted. Worse, when our recruiters work around the clock to secure a great candidate and then that same candidate walks because the deal couldn’t be closed in time, there is the risk that we won’t get quite the same level of commitment out of the recruiter for you the next time around.

So we’re asking you, the client, to help us.

There are a number of reasons why this happens, but the most common is that the job order was not fully qualified at the start. Maybe HR hasn’t approved the hire at the time you called us or maybe they weren’t asked to approve it with any degree of urgency afterwards. Perhaps a purchase order needed to be signed and wasn’t. Sometimes there’s a difference of opinion in the company about how soon the engineer needs to be on board. There are a variety of different reasons, but because of the way the DAS market is right now, each reason leads to the same end result: you as a disappointed client, a disappointed recruiter and a candidate who went somewhere else.

And if there’s one thing we hate, it’s disappointing our clients.

So, in order to help us help you, here’s a quick checklist of things we would REALLY appreciate you providing when you reach out about having us assist you in your hiring needs:

How long has this position been open?
What is the planned start date?
Have you already rejected candidates for this position? If so, what were the reasons (so we can be aware of that need when we recruit).
Who else has been authorized to search for this position?
Has HR approved this hire? If so, have they allocated a budget that would cover our fee?
Is there an absolute bottom-line, alarm-bell-ringing, can’t-go-beyond final date when you must have filled this position? If so, what date is it?
Is there a written job spec? Could we have a copy, please?
Who are the key decision-makers involved in this hire? Have they authorized a search?
What are the must-haves? (Education, technical competences, experience)

There’s one final thing that will help us tremendously. Let’s say we find the perfect candidate for you. Let’s say we put that person in front of you this afternoon. Let’s say you think the person is a perfect match. And let’s say the candidate is available to start tomorrow. Would you be in a position to complete the hire and get the wages signed off – without any delay? If the answer to both of these questions is “Yes,” then we know we are looking at a perfect fit between your organization and our services.

If you need a DAS Performance Engineer, Construction Manager of Project Manager, contact Broadstaff today! And, ideally, when you tell us to start looking tell us also that the hire is fully qualified.