BroadStaff Announces the Opening of A New Office In Irvine, California

The project staffing service recruits talented professionals in Telecommunications & IoT

Irvine, California – August 31, 2017 – BroadStaff, a full-service staffing company based in Tampa, FL that matches Wireless Telecom candidates with companies in the DAS/SmallCell, Fiber/OSP, Cabling, LTE, and IoT space, is proud to announce the opening of a new office in Irvine, California.

The city of Irvine is the headquarters for telecommunication companies such as Broadcom and Boost Mobile, and is located in Orange County, which is home to T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon EdgeCast, Level 3 Communications and Cox Communications.

The team at BroadStaff’s Irvine office will take advantage of their proximity to these telecommunication companies, and recruit the most talented professionals in the wireless industry with expertise in field technician services, construction management, design & performance engineering, project management, project coordination, and site acquisition.

Falk Jaster, the office’s Branch manager, and BroadStaff’s Director of Business Development, West Region, is an experienced project and direct staffing leader who has spent years interacting with industry leaders, project managers, and decision makers at all levels of business. He has built strong relationships that provide value in the complex process of project staffing, planning, and execution.

“At BroadStaff, we listen to what our client’s tell us, and are continuously evolving to meet their demands,” stated Jaster. “As the demand for qualified Telecom professionals in the wireless industry continues to grow – and with 5G on the horizon – we are now uniquely positioned to secure qualified Technicians, CMs, PMs, Engineers and Site Acquisition Specialists from coast to coast.”

BroadStaff’s primary focus is on identifying the most in-demand wireless skill sets and recruiting the most talented professionals to meet these needs. In an industry where many staffing agencies average two to six weeks to fill an open position, BroadStaff prepares qualified candidates to start working within five-to-seven days.

Founders, Carrie Charles & Russell Liebowitz, commented, “Our recruiters and account managers are constantly undergoing training in emerging Telecom technologies to ensure they are aware of all the trends that impact the wireless technology industry.” “We partner with Fortune 1000 companies throughout the U.S., and have strong relationships with hiring managers at companies like American Tower, Crown Castle, & T-Mobile.”