The further advancements in technology can often alienate those who are not within the industry. As we are pushing for the future, it helps to learn how to bridge that gap among our end-users and customers so we can take the advancements to them and head on to what’s next together. Only then can we achieve business excellence. With his way of making everything clear, Jason Inskeep, the Director of the 5G Center of Excellence for AT&T, sits down with Carrie Charles to talk about how they are bringing 5G solutions for business excellence. He shares his insights about the future of 5G, the changes in the industry between tech and telecom, and how they are scaling things at the internal level so they can bring the customers on board. What is more, Jason also discusses how to deploy and monetize 5G and find the right talent and retain them. Follow along as he imparts more wisdom and some tips on getting inside the industry.

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